Lisa Dorch

Lisa is an executive administrative assistant at Allison & Mosby-Scott where she coordinates multiple calendars and events, the firm’s charity and community service activities and manages the firm’s social media. She brings with her a wide array of professional and personal skills such as her knowledge of the community and the needs of business and individual clients. Her integrity, genuine concern for others and her attention to detail makes her a valuable member of Allison & Mosby-Scott. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University and is continually leading the initiative to seek out ways to better serve our clients.

Lisa has a clear understanding of the importance of strong families and an entrepreneurial mentality that allows her to provide attention to the needs of clients and the firms inter-relationships with our clients and our community. This understanding is founded upon her genuine care for others and her results oriented work ethic.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, attending her children’s events & camping with her family in local & National Parks.