FAQ Videos

As a service to our clients, we have put together the following frequently asked question videos.

Family Law

  1. What Factors Do Illinois Courts Consider in Granting Custody?
  2. If There Is a Lot of Conflict between the Parents, Is Joint Custody Still a Possibility?
  3. What Are the Most Common Types of Arrangements for Children’s Living Situations Post-Divorce?
  4. How Can Primary Parenting Rights Be Taken Away from the Parent to Whom They Were Assigned To?
  5. Can Both Parents Have Equal Rights and Decision-Making Powers regarding Their Children?
  6. At What Age Can a Child Choose Which Parent He or She Wishes to Live With?
  7. How Is Custody and Child Support Decided When Dealing with Children of Unwed Parents?
  8. Under What Circumstances Can the Custodial Parent Move with Them to Another State?

Family Law Litigation

  1. If One Party Decides Not to Retain a Lawyer, Will He or She Be Held to the Same Standards in Court?
  2. What Are the Pros and Cons of Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation?
  3. What Happens When a Litigation Case Goes to Court?
  4. In Divorce Litigation, Is There Always a Trial, or Is It Possible to Settle out of Court?
  5. What Is Discovery, and When Does It Occur during the Divorce Process?
  6. Is It Better to Litigate or Settle a Case?
  7. What If Someone Doesn’t Agree with the Judge’s Ruling?

Child Support

  1. What Changes Have Occurred to the Law Related to Child Support?
  2. How Does the Court Determine the Amount and Duration of Child Support?
  3. Can the Amount of Child Support Be Modified Once It Has Been Set?
  4. Can Child Support Be Increased or Reduced If Circumstances Change?
  5. What Can the Recipient of Child Support Do to Ensure Payment on Time and in Full?
  6. When Does Child Support Typically End?
  7. Can Co-Parents Force the Other to Pay for Their Children’s College Tuition?
  8. After Divorce, Are Both Parents Responsible for Paying for College for Their Children?


  1. What Is Divorce Mediation and How Does It Work?
  2. What Is the Difference between Mediation and Arbitration?
  3. Is There More Than One Style of Mediation What Are the Differences?
  4. What Are the Advantages of Using Mediation to Settle a Divorce Case?
  5. How Long Does a Typical Mediation Process Take?
  6. How Much Does Mediation Typically Cost?
  7. Can You Mediate Specific Issues without Having to Mediate the Whole Case?
  8. What Are the Ethical Guidelines of Mediation?

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